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Pernitric Acid, HNO4

The supposed nitrogen hexoxide was considered to give a Pernitric Acid, HNO4, with water. Oxidation of nitrous acid in solution by 3 per cent, hydrogen peroxide solution is stated by Raschig to produce pernitric acid:

HNO2 + 2H2O2 = HNO4 + 2H2O.

The decomposition of pernitric acid by water occurs slowly, according to the reaction

HNO4 + H2O = HNO3 + H2O2.

Pure hydrogen peroxide and nitrogen pentoxide at low temperatures yield a substance exhibiting typical properties of a per-acid:

H2O2 + N2O5 = HNO4 + HNO3.

Bromine is liberated from potassium bromide, and aniline is oxidised to nitroso-benzene by the acid.

Electrolysis of a solution of silver nitrate yields a black crystalline precipitate, assumed to be the silver salt of pernitric acid.
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