Chemical elements
    Nitrogen Cycle
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    Chemical Properties
      Nitrogen Chloride
      Nitrogen Iodide
      Nitrosyl Fluoride
      Nitrosyl Chloride
      Nitrosyl Bromide
      Nitryl Fluoride
      Nitryl Chloride
      Hyponitrous acid
      Nitrous Oxide
      Nitric Oxide
      Nitrogen Trioxide
      Nitrogen Tetroxide
      Nitrogen Pentoxide
      Nitroso-nitrogen Trioxide
      Nitrous Acid
      Pernitric Acid
      Sulphur Nitride
      Pentasulphur Dinitride
    Nitric Acid

Pentasulphur Dinitride, S5N2

Pentasulphur Dinitride, S5N2 is prepared by the reaction between the solid sulphide and carbon disulphide under pressure at 100° C.:

S4N4 + 2CS2 = S5N2 + S + 2CNS.

It is also found in the mother-liquors, resulting from the preparation of S4N4, and in the products of its decomposition by heat. It is a red mobile liquid of density 1.9, which is easily frozen; the solid melts at about 10° C. It can be vaporised with partial decomposition. Like the solid nitride, it is soluble in organic solvents and insoluble in water, aqueous acids, and alkalies, by which, however, it is hydrolysed, giving ammonia and sulphur. It can be kept in solution. The liquid itself decomposes slowly and explodes on heating.

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